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*looks around, brushes dust off of community*

*stands on chair, hopes this is appropriate for the community, clears throat*

So I'm talking typing to someone I know through a fanfic support group about obsessions and, more specifically, LotR obsessions; more specifically still, the woman who decorated her house with images of Elijah Wood. Would not want to be her neighbor/daughter/mother/concerned friend. . . *shudder, shudder*

But it made me think of why I love the movie so much (don't know the answer to that right now) and that made me think about why I love the book so much (don't know the answer to that right now, either). Tolkien was not a great writer and he uses semicolons more than any other writer ever with the possible exception of Marcel Proust . . . ah, Proust . . . sigh . . . and while the theme is a timeless one, it's been done before.

What is it about Tolkien and his world that captivates? And what aspects of that foster obsession?

*gets off chair, looks around for anyone*
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