uncleftish beholding (oloriel) wrote in tales_of_arda,
uncleftish beholding

Probably a stupid question, but...

... somehow I'm totally unable to find out, so maybe you can help me. For some sort of Númenor fanfic I might or might not write (heh... I'm trying to start, but somehow I don't dare) I'm trying to find out the name of Isildur's wife, and whether he married her before the Downfall or after, and whether some of his sons were already born then (I suppose not, since if they were, they would had been over 100 years old already when the 2nd age ended... then again, you never know with Númenoreans)... I didn't find it mentioned anywhere, and it's kind of important to me...
So if any of you know anything about this, save me from my ignorance please ;)
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