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I hope someone still looks at this community. I went looking for one with intelligent Tolkien discussion, and didn't have much luck until I found this one. ;) Of course, that's probably as much the fault of not quite knowing *where* to look- god knows searching interests for "tolkien" and "lord of the rings" isn't going to narrow it down. And nobody lists "intelligent tolkien discussion", unfortunately. ;)

Anyway, my question is this- does Gandalf's staff have a name? I honestly can't remember, but for some reason I want to think it does. Or maybe it's just because all the other swords and weapons seem to have names, and my mind is including staves along with that. I'm beginning to think I'm crazy, though, because I looked at the Encyclopedia of Arda and did several Google searches, none of which pulled up any information on a name. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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