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Diving in....

Happy New Year to whoever's out there - I just got done with a major writing project (first novel out to TOR - yay!) and I promised myself that the next thing I would tackle would be my in-progress-but-on-hold-while-I-concentrated-on-LEGITIMATE-stuff Tolkien fanfic project, "Tales of the Grey Pilgrim".  This started out as an offshoot of my "legit" series, which includes an organization of Multiverse-hopping Good Guys who recruit from among characters who have played out their roles in the various "mindworlds" ("Positing Infinity, the rest is easy" - R. Zelazny; in other words, in an infinite multiverse everything imaginable - and unimaginable - MUST exist, including sufficiently internally coherent fiction-originated universes....).  Naturally, our old buddy Olorin ("Gandalf") would be a prime candidate - but he'd probably require some Basic Retraining....

Got a ways into that story and it spun off into another one about his (relative) youth back in Valinor - including his (peripheral) role in the whole Silmaril fiasco....and then that one spun off into a MASSIVE project fleshing out the 50 years of Dagor Delothrim (when a population composed of all four races - Valar, Maiar, Eldar, and Edain - were cooped up in and around Siriombar, preparing to march on Thangorodrim - we don't know that Olorin was there, but we don't know that he wasn't, either, and the implications are, to put it mildly, addictively fascinating....)

To round it out into a full-fledged book, I'm going to end with a first-person story of Gandalf - now pseudo-mortal and essentially amnesiac - in the dungeons of Dol Guldur....

The four pieces being done in various tones, from full-on high-falutin' to contemporary casual, to make a rather interesting weave, if I do say so myself, which at this point, of course, I do...

A touch on the ambitious side, you betcha, so any immoral support will be quite welcome!  I already purchased and have gone through all Christopher's books - the fun part being choosing between versions of things like - oh, IS Ereinion really Fingon's son, and how old IS Legolas, really - and have fairly decent outlines and various-sized chunks of text for all four pieces.  May or may not recreate my "Infinite Regress" website (which used to have my Babylon 5 fanfic on it, and which I pulled when I started actually selling stories...) in some kind of restricted access mode and start putting this stuff (as well as re-posting that stuff<g>) there....demand and technical assistance would probably help a lot with that concept....

See, now I've posted this, so I'll have to quit procrastinating and actually get back TO it :D

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