Drama Shark (varyar) wrote in tales_of_arda,
Drama Shark

First topic?

So... anybody got any ideas what to discuss here first? *g*

One possibility just sprang to mind. If you'll forgive me for bridging fiction and myth, and 3rd and Nth Ages... But in ROTK, Legolas says the line of Luthien will never faily as long as the world endures, or words to that effect. Building off that, I had the sudden image of Arthur as the last heir of the line of Aragorn. (This sorta ties into Tolkien's abandoned Anglo-Saxon framing tales, as in Book of Lost Tales)

So... not sure where I'm going with this. Arthur the last King of the West, Merlin a last dim echo of the Numenorean sages of old... any thoughts/comments/ideas/mocking laughter/cooler topics for discussion?
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